The secret of happiness, all year round 12 months 12 scents

1 January 2018

“Scent” or the sense of smell is 1 in 5 senses that has dominant effect on the human mood. As well as “home”, a place where we relax or do activities that gives the peace of mind. Thus, we wouldn’t want unpleasant odor in our homes, don’t we? When we live in a happy home, where we can feel relaxed, it wouldn’t be a surprise that good things in life follows. A beautiful fragrant in homes can also give you that confidence boost to those living in them and can reflect on the personality of the homeowner. Bath & Bloom, as leading expert on natural scent, we have great secret tips in choosing the right smell according to your birth month. We guarantee your satisfaction, whether you buy for yourself or as a present for your loved ones in this upcoming festival of happiness.

You have big goals in life and have the drive to achieve said goals. You often do things with wits and brains, and always have the aptitude. Therefore, your scent needs to be special, different and unconventional like the smell of almonds, vanilla, pears and lemon. These will give you the boost of confidence that suits your style.

You get along with others easily no matter age or gender. People always want to get to know you and find you remarkable because you are ideological. The month where all ladies await beautiful bouquets from her lover gives out the vibe of love. So fulfill your love with the scent of rose or frankincense from the east will suit you perfectly.

You have dual personalities. You seem fragile, full of imagination but at the same time agile and command respect. When you fall in love, you will give everything you have forever. The Fresh and Clean scent from the grass fields, olive fruits and figs that gives out relaxing vibe can soothe your soul to be ready for work every day. The soft smell of small floral will go along just fine.

You have the personality of a leader. You know what you want and even know how to get them. Mild, pale, clean smells like pine trees, ginger and Jasmine is what’s right for you.

You are always honest with others, like to make others happy and love nature. The right scent for you is rose with a mix of green leaf plants.

You are playful, charming, and competent in trade. Once you set your mind on something, you will do anything to achieve it. The blooming smell of jasmine, ylang ylang and purple flora such as lavender will create happiness and smiles for people around you.

You are lovable, easy to anger, sensitive but soft and well-mannered. The suitable scent for you is the lemongrass which will help you with creativity and relax you from everyday stress.

You love class and like to act as such. You are confident and always proud of yourself but at the same time, hides stress to yourself. The best scent for you is the smell of lavender fields to help you ease your mind and your soul to be ready for the next day.

You have a hidden sexiness within you. You are quite stubborn, always a realist and only cares about reason. If you believe in something, nothing will ever change your mind. The best scent for you is the smell of flowers such as irises, magnolias and gardenias which will help you create the vibe of change and rhythm where you will thrive with confidence and sanguine.

The month of charm and attraction of the opposite sex. You like to do things yourself without the help of others. Add even more charm to your life with the scent of jasmine, rose, lilies and dry leaves that are turning falling on fields of grass. Imagine a place of tranquility but exciting, just like your fascinating personality.

You like to keep secrets to yourself. The hardest to understand month out of all 12, you don’t believe people easily. So the right scent for you will have to be mysterious, intriguing like the charm of trees that are changing colours into golden leaves. Like the warmth of irises, lilies, sandalwoods, and mandarins that will help you create deep imagination within your own world.

You can adapt to any situations. You know how to make friends especially of the opposite sex, and like new adventures. The best scent for you is vanilla, cocoa and burnt sugar which will give you the vibe of happiness and warmth that will happen to you every day.