9 Principles of Work, Inspired by the King

5 December 2017

His Majesty, King Bhumibol Rama the 9th wasn’t only a king that truly sacrifices for his people; he was also a role model on how to live life, work for the people and everywhere around the world.

We the people recognize his genius and are grateful to his work. The concept and principle of his work ethics are what the Thai people strive to be. Applying his teachings to work life for the benefit of self and country, these are the principles taught by his majesty:

1. Whatever we do, we need to study and research in detail on the subject matter. Whether it be documents, maps, queries to staff, academics and local populations, we need to study everything in detail for the right information and use such information to achieve the best and fastest results to our objectives.
2. To fix small issues, we always need to look at the bigger picture. But when we act on the issues, we need to cover the things people look over and start working on the smaller issues first. When it is done, we can move on to other issues. We can use this in everyday work life by looking at the big objective of every project. Start with the small issues and work on others to achieve the set objective.
3. Work on your priorities. Prioritize on important issues, and then work your way down with care. If we work with principle, all work can be completed with ease.
4. Work in a democracy. Always be open to the public, the people and officials of all hierarchy to have an opinion. “The most important thing is to learn how to listen, be firm, and learn to listen to opinions. Even intelligent criticism in its true form is brainstorming from a variety of experiences that will lead to complete success.”
5. Always prioritize on the benefits of the collective. His majesty Rama the 9th has always saw the importance of benefits of the collective where he once said “… People always ask for personal sacrifices for the public. This might sound boring, may be even annoying. People always ask for benefits of others over yourself. You might think; if I give everything, what do I get? I wish you to think that giving to others is not only giving it away, but also giving to yourself so that you will have a collective to be in…”
6. Honesty, truthfulness, sincerity amongst each other. People with honesty, truthfulness, sincerity might have little knowledge but will always be more helpful to the masses than people with much knowledge but un-sincere and untrustworthy.
7. Working happily requires being happy at what you do. If we work unhappily we will lose, but if we work happily, we will win. Only work happily and we have already won. Or we can work by taking into account the happiness that comes from helping others. “I have nothing to give when you work for me other than being able to help others”.
8. Perseverance requires patience and commitment. Just like in his majesty’s book “Mahajanaka”, a king that persevere will keep on swimming even though he can’t see land for if he stops swimming he will be food to sea creatures and would not have met the angel that saved him.
9. Be united and harmonious. Know the problem and work on the problem harmoniously. When there is a problem, it cannot be solved alone; we will need to be united and harmonious to overcome obstacles.

“Our tribute and farewell, in remembrance to eternal grace, his Majesty the late King Bhumibol” – Management and staff of Earth Factoring Co., Ltd.