Lemongrass Mint

17 December 2017

Lemon grass is an herb that has been a part of Thai life for a long time. The uses of lemongrass include cooking, medicine, and cure ailments such as reducing bowel squeeze and relieve cough. The fresh smell of lemon grass has a unique fragrance which helps strengthen the nervous system. Moreover, lemongrass can also help fight fungus on the skin as they are rich in vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B. All these to help reduce excess oil and protect the skin with antioxidants to help maintain a healthy complexion.

As for the mint, it is also another herb with special features. It can help with cough relief and infections on the throat. The smell of mint leaves helps refresh the mind and relieve tension. With the benefits of lemongrass and mint, Bath & Bloom has mixed both herbs to create a formula for your skin and to help refresh you throughout the day.