Mango Tangerine

17 December 2017

Mangos are a widely popular summer fruit. Its sweet aroma helps refresh the body meanwhile benefitting the skin. Mangoes have beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E three times the amount found in lemons along with a powerful antioxidant which can help prevent heart diseases and premature wrinkling.

Tangerine, a forever popular fruit, rich in vitamin C and various minerals including vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium and collagen fragrance of citrus. In addition to the sweet, sour, fresh and vibrant taste and smell, it also helps relieve colds relieve sore throat and reduce the risks of high blood pressure. Tangerines also help delay ageing. Bath & Bloom is dedicated in creating the best formula in Mango Tangerine skin care to help rejuvenate your skin back to life every day.