Pride of 5 Asian flowers

When it comes to natural fragrances, the first thing that comes to mind would be the aroma that is derived from flowers. It is a naturally occurring fragrance without needing to add anything artificial. Each flower, each species has a unique and different aroma, such as sweet scent, cool refreshing, and many other fragrances. The aromas from flowers are also beneficial in helping in recovery, healing and naturally curing ailments. Bath & Bloom has selected the purest natural ingredients from flowers across Asia to produce quality fragrance products in Bath & Bloom Five Thai Flower Diffuser Set. The sweet scent fresh from the flowers will help you relax, have a peace of mind, and release tensions from fatigue back to refreshes in life. Create novelty for yourself, with these five perfect fragrant.

1. Lotus Blossom – Helps you get a good night’s sleep and helps with sleep apnea. It also helps nourish the heart, coronary artery and heart pressures which will keep you rejuvenated and feel refreshed throughout the day.

2. Jasmine fragrance – cool aroma which helps you relax and improves blood circulation. Jasmine also has a direct effect on the brain as it can relieve stress, equivalent to sleeping pills.

3. Plumeria flower aroma – helps to calm the mood and mind, refreshes and helps you sleep more comfortably.

4. Hibiscus flower – can stimulate the secretion of happiness (Adrenaline). To enhance vitality and refresh your senses all day.

5. Ylang-ylang flower aroma – In addition to increased relaxation, it also nourishes and stimulates the nervous system. It relieves depression, nervousness and helps with asthma along with reducing blood pressure.

Come power up your happiness from flower aromas at Bath & Bloom branches.