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We recommend a clean, cool fresh but still relaxing like fragrance of March, May and July.

It depends on the room size and condition. For a bedroom (size not more than 30 sq.m.), it might last about 2 months but for a living room (open space), it might last only 1.5 months.

Ingredients, packaging, and price Each scent of the En Toute Saison collection has a mixture of various types of flowers. For the Pride of Asia collection, there will be only one type of floral scent. But they have the same usage.

In case of changinged aroma Diffuser oil, we recommend changing the sticks in order, please also change the wicker rod. It will improve the effectiveness of diffusers.

No, because the intensity of fragrance from Diffuser oil is not as much as Aroma oil. Hence, when we use it with aroma humidifier machine, the fragrance might not spread well. We recommend using either Aroma oil or Essential oil which works well on an aroma humidifier machine. However, please check the manual of humidifier machine before use again.

For people with sleeping problems, we recommend a fragrance of Lavender and Thai Jasmine which can promote sleep quality and relaxation.

Mango Tangerine body gel scrub because it has natural scrub from orange peel which is very gentle and does not irritate your skin. It can also be used on all ages and skin types including sensitive skin.

Aroma oil can be applied on the face only when it is diluted with base oil. For example, base oil 30 ml can use aroma oil about 3-4 drops. This usage is safe for our facial skin.

For our certified organic coconut oil, we don’t recommend ingesting it because it’s aimed for external use and moisturizing skin only.

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