1. What’s smell of soap you prefer for facial skin? Which soap is perfect for facial wash?
– Turmeric honey soap is good for facial wash because it is suitable for all skin types even an allergic skin. With natural honey and turmeric powder, this soap helps reduce rash and acne and at the same time, nurture your skin softly and smoothly.

2. What scrub can you used on children’s skin or allegic skin? What body scrub can we use on children’s skin or allergic skin?
– Mango Tangerine body gel scrub because it has natural scrub from orange peel which is very gentle and does not irritate your skin. It can also be used on all ages and skin types including sensitive skin.

3. What smell in En Toute Saison Reed Diffuser Set suitable for men?
– We recommend a clean, cool fresh but still relaxing like fragrance of March, May and July.

4. Can diffuser oil be used with aroma humidifier machine?
– No, because the intensity of fragrance from Diffuser oil is not as much as Aroma oil. Hence, when we use it with aroma humidifier machine, the fragrance might not spread well. We recommend to use either Aroma oil or Essential oil which works well on aroma humidifier machine. However, please check manual of humidifier machine before use again.

5. How many time of bath milk can be used per bottle? If we have t no bathtub, can we still use it? it is available?
– Our bath milk is 200ml which can be used 2-3 times depending on quantity of water and bathtub size. In case of no bathtub, you can apply bath milk right after shower on damp skin giving a soft feeling after used.

6. Do we have to change reed sticks if we change diffuser oil?
– In case of changinged aroma Diffuser oil, we recommend to change the sticks in order , please also change the wicker rod. It willto improve effectiveness of diffuser.

7. Can we apply the aroma oil on facial skin?
– Aroma oil can be applied on face only when it is diluted with base oil. For example, base oil 30 ml can use aroma oil about 3-4 drop. This usage is safe to our facial skin.

Which aroma oil can heal and relax for insomnia?
– For people with sleeping problem, we recommend a fragrance of Lavender which can promote sleep quality and relaxation.

9. How long can reed diffuser set 100ml last
– It depends on room size and condition. For bedroom (size not more than 30 sq.m.), it might last about 2 months but for living room (open space), it might last only 1.5 month.

10. Is certified organic coconut oil edible?
– For our certified organic coconut oil, we don’t recommend to ingest it because it’s aimed for external use and moisturizing skin only. If customers wish to have an edible coconut oil, please consult with pharmacist or doctor for a suitable advice.